Check out the teams on the 23rd season of The Amazing Race

CBS released a preview of the 23rd season of The Amazing Race, and the cast is once again chock full of eye candy and combustible personalities.

Quick Thoughts

Brandon & Adam are going with the Burning Man vibe. That should help them if any of the challenges involve radical self expression.

Rowan & Shane are performers in a traveling show titled “The Queen of Bingo”. These two are going to be working way to much for the cameras. Expect puns in multiple languages from these guys.

Leo & Jamal need to rethink the “Afghanimals” nickname. Can’t see that playing well in the middle of the country. That isn’t something people put on a bumper sticker next to Calvin peeing on a Chevrolet logo.

Kim & Nicky are the Baseball Bunnies. Call me intrigued.

Tim & Marie are exes who seem to spend way too much time together fighting and lifting weights. They must have had a joint gym membership before splitting. Those are tough to break.

Jason & Amy are dating and bland. However Jason has a Boston accent meaning he is liable to break into a fist fight at any moment. (See CT from The Challenge)

Nicole & Travis are married ER Doctors and my pick to win this season. They scare me with their efficiency.

Hoskote & Naina will be out real quick. Hoskote looks too brittle to last long.

Tim & Danny are the Jethro’s of the group.

Chester & Ephraim are former NFL teammates. Those guys have a great track record of amazing health and abilities in their post playing career.

Ally & Ashley are on the LA King Ice Crew team, and proud of it. Just how much will they hate the Baseball Bunnies is left to be seen.

The 23rd season of The Amazing Race premieres Sunday, Sept. 29 on CBS.

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