Fall TV Preview: "The Crazy Ones" from CBS brings Robin Williams back to TV


“The Crazy Ones” premieres Thursday, September 26th at 9pm on CBS.

What CBS is saying about their new show

Academy Award winner Robin Williams returns to series television in THE CRAZY ONES, a single-camera workplace comedy about a larger-than-life advertising genius whose unorthodox methods and unpredictable behavior would get him fired…if he weren’t the boss.

Why the show will succeed:

  • Robin Williams makes his return to weekly TV. His last weekly TV gig was”Mork and Mindy”. 
  • The show is created by David E. Kelly who proved his mastery of insane characters with “Ally McBeal”, “Chicago Hope”, and “Boston Legal”.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar is still young enough to play Williams’ daughter.
  • CBS knows how to cater to their traditionally older audience, and Williams is still a must see star for their demographic.
  • The show takes place in an advertising agency which gives the network and producers copious amounts of product placement opportunities.

Why the show will fail:

  • The manic Robin Williams persona might have jumped the shark.
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar doesn’t have the best track record with TV shows.
  • Thursday night is a tough spot for a new show to premiere.


  • Fortunes have been lost betting against CBS President Les Moonves. The one thing CBS does best is knowing their primetime demographic. I’m talking about NCIS, CSI, and Criminal Minds viewers (often called Mom’s or Mark Harmon fans). They will eat up this show. 


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