'American Horror Story: Coven' releases teaser trailer

The third season of American Horror Story arrives in less than a month, and FX released a teaser trailer full of questions and answers. What we do know is that the new season subtitled Coven takes place in a New Orleans boarding school for young witches. Sounds like a perfect setting for some scary shenanigans.

Sarah Paulsen, from Studio 60 and Game Change, is glimpsed opening the door for a gaggle of witches who strut in unison towards the school. She seems like the public face of the school/coven. It almost feels like bizzaro Hogwarts. The real payoff from the trailer comes at the end when we get a glimpse of the three main witches in charge. They end up being Angela Basset, Kathy Bates, and Jessica Lange.

Those are three A-listers you don’t want to mess with. Basset has bigger arms than Floyd Mayweather, Bates did that horrible thing to James Caan’s ankles, and Lange’s face looks the most witch like. Also in the third season, but not featured in the trailer are Gabourey Sidibe from Precious and Frances Conroy from Six Feet Under.

The new season of stylized horror kicks off October 9th on FX at 10pm.

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