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'Dexter' Recap: "Monkey in a Box"


!!SPOILER ALERT!! Do not read if you haven’t watched yet.

This episode begins in a very similar fashion to Dexter’s origins. Dr. Vogel a motherly figure to Dexter has recently been murdered before his very eyes and Dexter arises from a pool of his “mothers” blood a changed man. Last season ended with Dexter finally avenging the murder of his birth mother, and now he’s got a new “mother” to avenge, but first he has to cover his tracks. Dexter works swiftly to erase any evidence of his recent work with Dr. Vogel before alerting Miami Metro to the recent homicide.

The second act of this episode is very predictable and moves a little too slowly at times. Some more father/daughter drama from the Masukas, Deb and Quinn have a moment while Deb digs through his desk, Dexter attempts to sell his condo and his boat, talks to Astir and Cody one last time, and then has a warm farewell from Miami Metro care of long-time friend Angel Batista.

After receiving a veiled threat from “Oliver Saxon” posing as a man interested in Dexter’s condo, Dexter feels compelled to force the killer’s hand by sending videos of his kills to the local news. This makes it so “the brain surgeon” only has one night to kill Dexter before being caught by authorities. That night while Dexter appears to be sleeping, Daniel breaks into his apartment and prepares to end Dexter’s life.

What Daniel wasn’t expecting was a little Morgan family teamwork. There’s a very sweet moment where Deb helps Dexter capture Daniel Vogel aka Oliver Saxon. Finally, Dexter has Vogel just where he wants him. Dexter reveals that he doesn’t NEED to kill anymore. He has changed. Now all he NEEDS is to be with Hannah more than anything else. In a surprise twist, he’s going to leave Vogel for Deb and Miami Metro to deal with.

While Dexter and Deb say their farewells outside, the US Marshal arrives to find Vogel strapped to a table. Vogel pretends to be someone’s victim, and while the marshal is occupied with the straps, he grabs one of Dexter’s own blades and stabs the marshal.  He then grabs the marshal’s gun just as Deb walks into the room and shoots her before escaping through a back door.

In the closing shots of the episode, Deb lays shot and bleeding on the floor, Hannah waits for Dexter at the airport, and Dexter has what must be one of his final monologues as he walks out of his condo one last time with Harrison in a shot that mirror’s the final moments of the show’s opening.

Next week will be Dexter’s Final Episode. How will it all end? Who will survive? Tune in to Showtime 9 PM Sunday for some long awaited closure.

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