'Today Show' Launches New Set & Host

Orange Today

By launching a brand new set, The Today Show is attempting to erase the bad mojo left behind from the Ann Curry chopping block era. Here’s a link to NBC’s sneak peak of the set. The link is full of color photos and orange chairs. Not sure if a set change alone is going to help Today once again dominate the morning ratings. The NBC owned Access Hollywood was also granted early shots of the new show, and got to feature things like the rotating set. Finally Al Roker can spin around like he’s modeling the new Ford Mustang.

Besides the set change Carson Daly, of the Voice and TRL, has been announced as a new permanent host on the show. This is a solid hire for the show because Daly really excels in the stories highlighted during the 9am hour. By then Matt Lauer has handled all the major news stories, which leaves Daly to interview the reality stars and chefs that the time slot demands. Unlike other anchors Daly is not a threat to Lauer’s job, and shouldn’t create another Ann Curry bottleneck on the Today couch.

Good Morning America topped The Today show last week by almost 3/4 of a million people. New Executive Producer Don Nash now has his own stamp on Today, but of course that means he now owns the next few months of ratings. If the new show and host don’t goose the numbers then where will the peacock network turn next?

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