'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Recap: Pilot


The overall humor and style of Fox’s new comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine echoes the hit comedy Parks and Recreation so much that it’s a surprise the show isn’t actually on NBC. The first episode had some very solid comedic moments, but the promise of what’s ahead for these characters will hopefully keep viewers coming back for more. The plot of the pilot wasn’t as central as the quirky character introductions.

Andy Sandberg was enjoyable as Detective Jake Peralta, a mix between Fletch and Riggs. He’s teamed with Melissa Furnero who plays his future love interest in Detective Amy Santiago. They solved crimes, made jokes, and waited for the new Captain to arrive. Enter Andre Braugher, from Homicide: Life on the Street, as Captain Roy Holt. Braugher has a great scene with Terry Crews who plays a formerly overweight Sergeant once nicknamed “Terry Titties”. Just like in Parks and Recreation each person on this show has a tremendous backstory to mine for future episodes.

The two breakout stars of the show, in the Tom Haverford and Donna mold, are Joe Lo Truglio as Detective Charles Boyle and Chelsea Peretti as Administrator Gina Linetti. Truglio spends most of the first episode worrying about what movie to choose for a date while Peretti gets to revel in being the Bea Arthur ball buster type. She reminded me of Johnny in Airplane, where every moment she’s on screen is a laugh.

The episode ended (I saw this referenced as a spoiler places, but it isn’t. This is a pilot, not a finale. The word spoiler is being overused.) with them not finding the bad guy, but learning the new Captain is gay. It gave Peretti’s joke earlier in the episode about getting a “gay vibe” from him a Usual Suspects tone. The climax of the show was a character reveal. They’ve figured out how to make police work funny in the first episode by concentrating on the Cops and not the cases.

Fox made a smart decision in premiering the show a week before the rest of the Fall lineup kicks off around them. With the head start Brooklyn Nine-Nine has it owns the frontrunner spot for best new comedy of the season. Let’s hope they keep viewers hooked for the season because there are lots of stories to come from these characters.

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