'Covert Affairs' Recap: Levitate Me


The episode starts off with the events that happened in the last episode as Henry Wilcox framed Arthur’s son for taking down a helicopter in Copenhagen. Teo Braga would eventually die after losing too much blood from being shot and Arthur lost the only son he ever had.

The CIA is looking for Annie to bring her back, but she wants to know why Henry was in Frankfurt for 36 hours before he went to Copenhagen.

Meanwhile Joan has her own issues to worry about. Joan is being relived of her duties, as a result of what happened with the authorized transport of an terrorist that died.

Annie is in Germany looking  for clues and also trying to evade the police at the same time. She finds a car and calls Auggie to find a way into Frankfurt. He gives her directions on how to evade the police and reminds her that going after Henry while being a fugitive is ill-advised.

Calder Michaels is put in charge of leading a team that will attempt to bring Annie back state side. Annie finds a way to chat with Auggie, while remaining under the radar and learns that Henry was at a restaurant while in Frankfurt. She goes to the restaurant and finds out that Henry was meeting a woman.

Calder and the team find Annie’s location but she manages to evade them for the time being. One of the operatives that was chasing Annie is killed and the CIA believes Annie did it. They are now treating her has as a rogue operative.

Joan and Auggie determine that the woman Henry was meeting was his ex-wife Sana. They find it somewhat odd that Henry meets with his ex-wife the night before a terrorist attack he perpetrated.

Auggie informs Annie of what Henry was doing, and she wants to turn Henry’s ex-wife against him. She decides to take herself off the game board and go after Henry a different way.

Annie calls Calder and they realize there is one of two ways that she can leave Frankfurt; she either goes with him on a plane back to Langley or in a body bag.

They hatch a plan to fake her death and this way she can go after Henry a different way. Calder shoots her in an elevator and everyone now believes she is dead.

Annie also receive some help from her favorite Mossad agent, Ayal. He gives her the Mossad file on Sana and this will allow her to turn the tables on Henry.

This is good way to end the summer finale, with the show coming back in October to wrap up the storyline for the fourth season.


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