Will ‘The Leftovers’ be the Next Great HBO Show?

Multiple news sites are reporting that “The Leftovers’ has been granted a full season run by HBO. Here is what the Hollywood Reporter had to say about the project moving forward.

The premium cable network has granted Damon Lindelof‘s adaptation of the Tom Perrotta best-seller a 10-episode series commitment,The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The Leftovers takes place as the Rapture happens — but not quite like it’s supposed to. The former Lost showrunner’s take tells the story of the people who didn’t make the cut and a world that will never be the same.

The book by Perrotta, the author of Election and Little Children, is a dark mix of the comedy and drama surrounding those left behind. The story touches on religion, fate, and the meaning of life. All topics that Lindelof handled so deftly during Lost. The combination should be can’t miss, but the bar for both of them has been set pretty high. The show stars A-list talent in Justin Theroux and Liv Tyler.

HBO needs another new hit drama to reestablish its previously unrivaled dominance in pay cable. Ever since Claire Danes shook her body to jazz in Homeland the scales have tipped towards Showtime. HBO has Game of Thrones viewership to crow about, but critics can’t stop raving about Ray Donovan on Showtime. The Leftovers appears to be the next shell fired in this battle.



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  • victoria Dodds

    That did look like Justin, just checking. He looks good.

  • Z_Lauren_Z

    Um, Justin Theroux and Liv Tyler are A-Listers?

    And critics can’t stop raving about Ray Donovan?


    • honeybunn

      Yes he is a a-lister. Check his record. He is multi-talented. His celebrity history goes way back. Justin’s expertise is behind the scenes although he has been featured in a lot of movies in supporting roles. He is a writer, producer, director, and an actor. Don’t take my word for it check him out yourself. Aside from being the hottess male celebrity on the planet he is engaged to our American sweetheart Jennifer Aniston. Cannot wait for the leftovers. It sound like a hit.

      • Z_Lauren_Z

        I like Justin Theroux and I am well aware of his career that still doesn’t make him an “A-Lister” no matter how good looking he is.

        The true A-Listers are few an far between in Hollywood these days.