Final Two 'Breaking Bad' Episodes Super Sized

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The Huffington Post is reporting that the final two episodes of AMC’s Breaking Bad will be expanded from their normal sixty minute runtime to a hefty seventy five minutes. Here is what HuffPo had to say about the announcement.

“Breaking Bad” may be ending, but fans can look forward to a little extra time with Walt and Jesse in the final two installments, which have both been extended to be 15 minutes longer than regular episodes.

Co-executive producer Peter Gould tweeted the news about the supersized episodes on Wednesday:

Last Sunday’s episode, “Ozymandias,” was the highest-rated episode in the show’s five-year history, likely paving the way for a record-breaking finale.

Obviously the ratings play a large part in this decision. With only two weeks left for AMC to maximize their commercial load this change now gives them 5-7 minutes more of sellable ad time per week. AMC raises their revenue and we get a few more minutes of Breaking Bad before the show rides off into the New Mexico sunset. It’s one of those magical Win-Win moments in TV monetization.

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