The Winner of 'Big Brother' 15 is...

Last night the Big Brother houseguests, they who are already responsible for a summer’s worth of entertainment and public shaming, voted on whom deserved the season 15 title. The choice was between the elfish and orange teacher in Andy or the now fired pageant coach in GinaMarie.

When the votes were slowly revealed by host Julie Chen the tally was 7-2 in favor of the new Big Brother winner…




Congratulations Andy, and I hope you get a guest star role on Once Upon a Time.

The other prize handed out last night on CBS was $25,000 to America’s Favorite Houseguest. That award went to Elissa, the yoga obsessed little sister of former Big Brother/Amazing Race contestant Rachel Reilly.

This season of Big Brother will always be overshadowed by the controversial and often racist statements by certain members of the show. Over four people who appeared on the show ended up losing the jobs they had when their worst comments came to light. Since runner up GinaMarie was one of those four I was happy to see her lose. The part that shouldn’t surprise anyone is that the ratings for the show went up as the inappropriate comments grew. We just love confrontational TV.

It is time to wave goodbye to Big Brother and Julie Chen for another nine months while they delouse the House/Set and get to work casting a whole new group of people desperate enough to wear a clown wig on network TV. Nothing to worry about though because this is the good old USA, and we have a backlog of people waiting to put on wigs for our summer amusement.

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