TV Blueprint: What to Watch on TV for Friday, September 20th

Check out Hidden Remote’s TV Blueprint for a preview of the programming everyone will be tweeting and texting about all night long.

Shark Tank ABC at 9pm

The undisputed reality king of Friday is back with its fifth season. Expect a solid mix of eye rolling snark and items you will never see again.

Tanked: Unfiltered Animal Planet at 10pm

Tanked somehow manages to be both the best and worst show ever created. It might be a highly formulaic reality show, but they never apologize for the highly produced “plots”. I love to watch it and yell about all the cheap cuts and bad V.O.s.

Real Time with Bill Maher HBO at 10pm

Bill welcomes Billy Crystal, Joy Behar, David Frum, Chris Hayes, and Jeremy Seifert to discuss Syria and the looming government shutdown.

College Football ESPN at 9pm

Boise State takes on Fresno State in a game that decides the best school that isn’t a real state.


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