Watch 'Creepy Uncle Sam' Ad If You Dare


A group working towards the repeal of Obamacare has bought ad time for a sixty second commercial featuring a sufficiently creepy Uncle Sam. Check out the video below.

My first impression of the ad was how great is it for the “Burger King” to book another major commercial deal.Not since the burger chain thought haunting people’s dreams would drum up business have we seen this level of creep. Here is what the New York Times said about the scary Sam head.

A group seeking to persuade young people to “opt out” of President Obama’s health care law posted videos on YouTube Thursday that show young patients on exam tables recoiling in fear as a character the group is calling “Creepy Uncle Sam” appears out of nowhere and looms over them.

The group, Generation Opportunity, said in a news release that the videos were part of a new, six-figure campaign to educate people between the ages of 18 and 29 about “alternatives to expensive and creepy Obamacare exchanges.”

This is the Uncle Sam who hangs out at the local VA, and hasn’t touched crystal meth in two weeks. The ad is more effective in drumming up fear of oversized mascot heads than Obamacare. The ad did make a big splash, but not in the exact way the producers of it intended. The ad also explains to men in the clearest way ever why most women seem to choose a female gynecologist. Consider this the first commercial of the Halloween season.

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