The 65th Emmy Awards: Winners and Recap


Here is the complete list of Emmy Award Winners.

A few months ago the brain trust behind the Emmy broadcast decided the best way to celebrate a year of television is with long depressing memorials at each commercial break. The reason to place all the obit pieces in one segment is so sadness isn’t spread all over the show. Air one sad segment halfway through the show, and you should be ok. The way they were deployed by the show this year was a perfect signal to switch the channel and miss the commercial break that always followed. Here’s a tweet by Modern Family writer Danny Zucker that captures the overall mood created by the plethora of obits.

They also looked over the list of potential hosts and went with CBS’ own Neil Patrick Harris. NPH is a star with broad appeal, and like all great award show hosts he can put together buzz worthy opening numbers. The Emmys decided to move Neil’s song and dance number to the middle of the show. A musical number at the start of the show is fun, but in the middle it plays as time filler. Instead of a broadway style opening the show went with NPH being handed the keys to the show by CBS President Les Moonves (Moonves was already the most powerful television executive in the world, but now he’s also the most famous), and then being visited on stage by hosts of Emmy past.

Jimmy Kimmel jumped clear out of the audience to help, while Jane Lynch, Jimmy Fallon, and Conan emerged from the wings of the stage. The moment led to what was both the best and worst part of the opening when the camera cut to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler sitting in the front row with popcorn and 3-D glasses on. Their sixty seconds of on camera time made me wish the duo was back to host this year. Once all of the slow and flat jokes in the opening were finished it was time to hand out the awards.

Best Award Speech – Merritt Weaver

Weaver’s role as Zoe on Nurse Jackie is more than deserving of an award, but it was her award speech that really captured her magic and charm.

It was great that Weaver went with the short and sweet approach to her win because the lack of time for award winners to speak was a constant issue on the telecast. I never understand why there is so much buildup for these awards and then when the winner get’s on stage they are treated like cattle moving through the processing plant.

Worst Moment of Speeches – The Emmy Band

The Emmy band showed no mercy in playing award winners off the stage with a gusto normally reserved for Octoberfests. Here is Anna Gunn finally winning an Emmy for her role as Skyler White, the long suffering better half on Breaking Bad, only to be played off after sixty seconds. Sorry Anna, save the love for your family for the Golden Globes because we need this precious time for more of NPH’s flat humor.

Anna and the other award winners deserved better.

Funniest Moment of the Show – It’s a Tie!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ acceptance speech for her Veep win with Tony Hale in full on Gary mode

And Will Ferrell handing out the award for Best Comedy Series, but yet unable to find child care.

When Lorne laughs, everyone laughs. How much would it cost for Will to host next year?

Biggest Controversy of the Night – Jeff Daniels wins best Actor in a Drama over Bryan Cranston

What!?! How could that possibly happen? Are the Emmy voters now just trolling with their votes?

Fear not fellow Breaking Bad enthusiasts. Next year’s telecast is sure to be a coronation for the amazing fifth season of the show that wraps up next weekend. If not then we can rip the place apart.

I for one hope the show gets Stephen Colbert (who finally won an Emmy over Jon Stewart this year) to host the next broadcast. I sadly have to go now because the music is loud, and insistent I get off stage so that a dance memorial to Jean Stapleton can be mounted. So let me just thank, oh the sign is flashing wrap it up. Ok, but I wanted to thank my mother and agent. Ok…

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