'Dancing with the Stars' Recap: Week 2 S17


Last night’s “Dancing with the Stars” had the distinction of both being Latin dance night, and the first elimination of the season.

As soon as the word elimination was mentioned all eyes turned towards Bill Nye, the Science Guy. Nye might have been a staple of 90s TV, but that wasn’t translating onto the dance floor. His opening score of 14 was the lowest that week. Would the fan vote possibly be able to save Nye? We had to wait through a full night of Latin dances to find out.

Here the “Dancing with the Stars” moments from this week that are worth revisiting.

Elizabeth Berkley & Val

Berkley (who is now using an additional third name that I’m choosing to ignore) was really paying attention during her “Showgirls” rehearsals. She’s been exposed to professional dancing before and it shows. Her one danger moment was finding herself in the bottom three this week, which makes me wonder if she has any fans. The women who make up the show’s core voting block still haven’t forgiven her for “Showgirls”.

Bill Nye & Tyne

The Science Guy is the only person I’ve actually voted for this season. His week one dance was awkward and goofy. His week two dance was goofy and awkward. His dance moves are a combination of a loveable lame family pet. and an uncle at a wedding. His pasodoble put up another low score, but he managed to avoid being in the bottom three this week. Nye is a perfect “vote for the worst” candidate. The longer he is on the show, the better.

Amber Riley & Derek

The best use of motorboating ever broadcast on network TV.

Keyshawn Johnson & Sharna

Going on this show was an easy choice for the former NFL big play wide receiver. Johnson works at ESPN so it was an easy piece of synergy getting him on the show. Former NFL players such as Emmitt Smith and Jerry Rice have done really well on the show, but Johnson was different from those guys. He can’t dance. Combine his two left feet with a personality that has never been a real winner and you have a star in danger of being voted off. Johnson is one of the original greedy wide receivers (his book was titled “Throw Me the Damn Ball”). How will that translate to votes?

Elimination Results

The bottom three stars for the first elimination of the season were Elizabeth Berkley, Keyshawn Johnson, and Bill Engvall. I won’t pretend to not be pumped that Bill Nye avoided being on this list. From these three I bet on Engvall, the Blue Collar Comedy guy, heading home first. In the end though the axe fell on Keyshawn Johnson. Key can now go back to the set of ESPN NFL Countdown to be laughed and ridiculed by Chris Carter and Mike Ditka.

Now the show becomes the Bill Nye survival hour. Tune in next week to see if Bill can possibly survive another cut.

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