'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: Blood Moon

Sleepy Hollow 2

We begin the show with Ichabod Crane having a vision about the the four horsemen of the apocalypse chasing him in a forest. He is ensnared by some branches, but it’s his wife Katrina giving him some new information.

She informs him that before they arrive, an army of evil will make way for their arrival. The first part of this evil is about a witch that rises with the the Blood Moon. Crane tells Abbie about his vision, and she seems to doubt what he has told her.

It’s becoming hard for her to understand what is going on in the town of Sleepy Hollow. Also officer Andy Brooks is not dead after all and is on a mission of his own. The demon gives him the task of releasing the witch upon the town.

Abbie attends the funeral of the sheriff that died and remembers the moments leading up to his death. The witch claims her first victim by burning him and it appears that she is only getting started.

Crane and Abbie see the victim who was burned with Crane realizing who did this. He recalls a time before the war began when his regiment was returning to camp during a lunar cycle.

He saw destruction that could not have been caused by common artillery and men were reduced to ash. These strange murders became more frequent and there were tales of a dark coven led by a high priestess.

Crane and Abbie now need to find the sheriff’s files that can give them some clues about this dark coven in the town. The files are in the archives, but are guarded by police.

However Crane knows of a secret entrance to reach the archive room, during the war part of his regiment built a series of tunnels to transport munitions and supplies in secret.

They found out that the witch was captured and burned, but she promised to get revenge on the next blood moon.  The victim that the witch burned is a descendant of the person that had her burned many years ago.

The witch needs the ashes of the descendant to return back to life. The duo set out to the tunnels to stop the witch before she can be whole again. She regains her human form, but Crane sets her on fire by igniting gun powder.

Abbie has a vision of her own by seeing Sheriff Corbin. He informs her not to be afraid of number 49 and that she will find out that she is not alone.









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