Top Ten James Spader Faces from 'The Blacklist'

The Blacklist on NBC is a good excuse for James Spader to show great face on television for forty two minutes a week. The actual plot of the show isn’t as important as Spader chewing on every one of his lines. Next week’s episode could be a silent movie stunt week and the show wouldn’t skip a beat. His face is the show.

In honor of that impressive profile we present the Top Ten James Spaded Faces from this week on The Blacklist.

Spader10#10. The Glamour Shot from Hell

Spader9#9 Strike a pose even when surrounded by the FBI

Spader8#8 Man in the Box


#7 Other bald man on the Blacklist makes Spader ponder life

Spader6#6 Class is in

Spader5#5 Extreme Close Up! Whoa!

Spader4#4 I’m even more dramatic from a distance

Spader3#3 Stay with us James, the list is almost over.

Spader2#2 Spader being intense on TV on TV

Spader1#1 Even my reflection is smarmy. Windex that for me, will you?

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