'Chicago Fire' Recap: A Problem House

Chicago Fire

The new season of Chicago Fire begins with Shay and Severide having lunch, where she asks him if he’s sure that Renee’s baby is his. This might seem odd for her to be asking him a question like that, but she cares deeply about him.

The time at the station is also for remembering a fallen hero, as it’s the one-year anniversary of Andy Darden’s death.

The guys at station 51 get a call to respond to a burning house and they believe that some one is in the house. While trying to find the person, the steps collapse under Severide and he’s trapped with fire surrounding him.

The guys manage to get him out using a hose as a pulley and they left him up. The odd thing was that there was actually no one inside the house. To make things even stranger, Severide sees his badge number on the side of the house that was burning.

Mouch gets a visit from from his Japanese girlfriend as the sqaud comes back from the fire. Chief Boden is called to headquarters and a new woman by name of Gail McLeod (Michelle Forbes) has been hired by the city of Chicago, as a financial consultant.

She will be deciding which fire houses will get shut down to save money for the city. She has already shut down one already, and she informs Boden that station 51 is next on the short list to be shut down.

They will also be seeing some new people from the fire house that was closed, as they will join the group at station 51.

Shay and Dawson tend to an injured individual who was thrown out of a car by two by guys. The injured guy had four gunshot wounds, but Dawson is unable to save him.

Then Casey goes by to see Heather and asks how she’s doing with anniversary of Andy’s death. She was married to him and after his death, her and Casey have remained close. She tells Casey that her and group of friends will go to a bar later on.

Then later in the episode, someone lights Severide’s car on fire. It looks like he’s being targeted by an arsonist. This is when they meet the two new people joining the squad.

They get a call about a fire with Casey and Severide having to save Shay and Dawson from the burning building. They use a straight ladder to save them as they have each of them crawl on the ladder, but the ladder gives way as Casey is crossing it. The guys have to pull him up to save him.

The new financial consultant, McLeod asks one of the new fire fighters that was brought over to Station 51 to act as a spy and report back to her.

Mouch decides that he wants to run for Union President and as this happens the station gets a call about a car accident. The accident involves Heather and it appears she caused it because she was drunk.





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