'Person of Interest' Recap: Liberty

Person of Interest

The show begins with a male being abducted into a van at the same time it appears a diplomat’s son will die. However Reese foils that plan and takes out everyone involved with the help of Officer Carter.

While Shaw (Sarah Shahi) takes out a group of guys with the help of Fusco, and Finch would prefer if she used less violence. The machine gives them a sailor by the name of Jack Salazar to find and he becomes their person of interest.

The reason for him being in the city is because of Fleet Week. Reese finds his sailor, but he gets into a fight at a bar.

While Root (Amy Acker) is dealing with her new surroundings in the asylum. Carter takes Reese to an underground club where sailors tend to hang out. Reese clones the phone of the sailor he was trying to find.

As Salazar leaves the club, a Spec Ops guy confronts him and Reese sees that he has a team with the whole block surrounded. Reese steals the car they were going to use to take him away and saves him.

Salazar then explains he is helping them smuggle an illegal weapon through U.S. Customs. The weapon is not what they are after, but what is inside the weapon. The Spec Ops team leader takes his best friend hostage and wants to meet him.

Salazar realizes that he has uncut diamonds that his friend stole from them. Reese and Shaw decide to do some recon on the place where the sailors friend is located.

They find his friend and he’s strapped to a IED. Reese calls Fusco to help diffuse the bomb and also Carter is following a lead to help the team out. Finch figures out that the leader will need to find a fence for the diamonds.

Carter seeks out a source that knows of a fence in the city. Salazar goes to the fence and he decides to stiff him on the price. Then him and the Spec Ops team end up in a stand-off with everyone pulling a gun on one another.

Reese shows up and tries to dissolve  the situation, while Shaw provides some assistance by taking out some Russians.

Reese informs Carter that if she ever needs help, she can always call him.






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