Watch Jimmy Fallon & The Roots Perform Sesame Street Theme

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has made waves on the web with their series of videos with Jimmy and The Roots performing popular songs but only using classroom instruments. They’ve put their own school house spin on Blurred Lines and Call Me Maybe. This new cover version brings back tons of memories. The new video might be the best one yet as the gang from Sesame Street join in to sing along with their famous theme song.

Cookie Monster, Grover, and even the new Elmo voice make strong appearances. The video might be shamelessly targeting millennials, but so what. We all have best friends that we miss on Sesame Street. Jimmy is trying to silence any critics ahead of his ascension to the Tonight Show chair, and his plan is working. There is little chance of another Conan moment when Leno steps down this time. Fallon has gone out of his way to be deferential towards Leno, and the scars from the last failed retirements haven’t even healed yet. Jay will stick around as he tries to be the new Bob Hope. Oh the horror of that eventual show.

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