'Homeland' Recap: Tin Man Is Down


We pick up from the events on the last season of Homeland where there was a terrorist attack on the CIA and 219 people died. There is a manhunt for Nicholas Brody, as everyone thinks it was him that carried out the attack. Carrie still thinks that he’s innocent even though no one knows his location.

The government wants answers as to what happened, so a Senate Select Committee led by Senator Andrew Lockhart (Tracy Letts) begins to question Carrie to find out the truth.

Saul meanwhile has a new job of his own with him being the new Director of the CIA after David Estes died in the attack. The Committee presents Carrie with a memorandum that details an immunity agreement that Brody had if he would help capture terrorist Abu Nazir.

It looks like someone leaked the memorandum to the Committee and Carrie raises some eyebrows to them by saying she doesn’t think Brody knew anything about the bomb.

Then later in the episode we focus on Dana where she is at an institution for attempting to commit suicide in a bathtub.

Saul as new director of the CIA has a chance to to take out six targets that may have had something to do with the bombing that killed all those people. However he and Dar Adul (F. Murray Abraham) seem a little undecided if they want to carry out this plan.

Saul has a conversation with his wife, Mira about what’s going on with the CIA and the possibility of carrying out the mission to kill those six targets.

Carrie is back with the Committee and they want to know her whereabouts in the aftermath of the explosion. She gave a written statement to them detailing where she was.

However Senator Lockhart says he has testimony that directly contradicts her statement and that people saw her leave with Brody. Saul decides to go ahead with the mission and it’s a success with all targets eliminated.

Carrie’s dad informs her that there is report in the paper that says a CIA case officer is linked to the suspected bomber that most believe is Brody and that the officer had sexual relations with him.

Carrie is obviously upset at the report and lashes out at Saul. It’s now Saul’s chance to talk with Senator Lockhart and he throws Carrie under the bus by saying that she’s unstable and that she hid her diagnosis of being bipolar.

He also said that he knew nothing about Carrie and Brody sleeping together.

This sets up a great storyline to follow for the rest of the season.




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