'Bones' Recap: El Carnicero en el Coche


This episode of Bones the Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of Jamie Delcampo, a member of a local gang called the Estrellas Locas, whose remains were found in a burnt car.

Sweets had taken some time off from his work at the FBI, but Booth needs his help with this case. So he decides to assist when he learns that a boy from the community center where he volunteers is the son of a gang member.

Since the car was burned Hodgins has to use an unorthodox approach to retrieve evidence from the car by using a harness to not damage anything inside the car.

Booth and Sweets learn that the victim used to cut up the body parts of the people he killed and spread them across the city.

Sweets wants to talk the girlfriend of the dead gang member. Once they arrive at her house it becomes obvious that the locals don’t want them there. She also wants to nothing to do with them either and is very uncooperative. While at her house Sweets sees a young boy named Javier that is sometimes  present at the center.

Bones and one of her colleagues think that Delcampo was shot twice after finding a second bullet in his skull.

Booth and Sweets go to a gang leader’s house to see if he has any information about the shooting. While questioning him they are involved in a drive by shooting, but they are unharmed.

They take him back to the FBI to be interrogated and learn that someone in the gang was talking to the police.

Bones is upset with Booth because he did not let her know that he was shot. While back at the lab Angela with Bones and Camille are trying to recreate what happened to Delcampo.

They figure out that Delcampo was shot just once not twice, from someone being on the ground and that they had a struggle with him. Booth figures out with some help from Bones that the girlfriend knew Delcampo was cheating on her and suspects she killed him.

The girlfriend is no stranger to being questioned by the police and is playing hard ball with Booth. Sweets believes he can get Javier to tell the truth about what happened.

He convinces Booth that he can do the interrogation by himself. The young boy confesses to killing the victim. They still need the gun that was used to commit the crime.

The young boy knows the person that has the gun and he calls her. Angela is able to find her location based on the call and Booth arrests her with the gun in her possession.




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