'Dancing with the Stars' Recap: Hollywood Week


“Dancing with the Stars” (DWTS) set a low bar this week with their choice of a Hollywood theme. It shouldn’t be that hard for a group of stars based in Los Angeles to honor the magic of the movie business. The show featured creepy clowns, Bil Nye medical emergencies, and the third elimination of the season. Here are the performances worth watching from last night.

Nicole (Snooki) Polizzi & Sasha

There actually was a time when the name “Snooki” was more likely to be scrawled on a bathroom wall than a giant screen on network TV. Somehow Snooks has managed the shift from fall down drunk meatball to often drunk reality star mom. All it took was a dose of plastic surgery and ugly tattoos. With her reality show returning to MTV, Snooks is officially a big cog on two shows.

Bill Nye (The Science Guy) & Tyne

The real star in the first three weeks of DWTS has been Nye. He somehow managed to survive two eliminations even with terrible judging scores. This week we found out Nye has given part of his body in last week’s Beethoven inspired dance. He ended up with a tear in his quad, and could only dance with an immobilized leg. He evenEnter Tyne who choreographs a robot inspired dance that involves lots of locked legs. The rest is awkward white guy history.

Christina Milian & Mark

Parental guidance is suggested for the next clip. How many children had nightmares last night because of this performance? We are dealing with the scariest clown on network TV since Pennywise. Who could pay attention to the dancing when all I could do was wait for the clown to snap and start shooting up the place.

Amber Riley & Derek

Amber and Derek are maybe the most annoying couple in the history of the show. Amber has tons of professional experience from working on Glee, and Derek is like a Disney Prince without a movie. They are going to be on the show to the very end. The clip is a great example of professional dancing and mugging.

Elimination Results

Not Bill! How can the show go on now without his turtle inspired dance moves? This leaves a pretty bland group of stars left to dance for our approval. Valerie Harper better turn on the charm next week, or she will follow the science guy right out the door.

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