'Sleepy Hollow' Recap: For the Triumph of Evil

Sleepy Hollow 2

This episode of Sleepy Hollow begins with Abbie having a dream and she meets a creature that she has not seen before.

There is a crisis situation in the town and a doctor wants to talk only to Abbie. She informs her that it’s her fault and that everything she saw was real. The doctor is talking about Abbie’s sister Jenny. The doctor after confessing this jumps from a ledge.

Crane thinks that the demon from the woods sees Abbie and her sister as a threat. Crane wants to see Jenny, but Abbie does not think it’s a good idea because the two have not spoken in years.

Abbie goes to see her sister, but as expected Jenny does not want to see her. However she is willing to talk with Crane.  He informs her that the demon she and her sister saw in the woods was real.

Crane wants to know what happened between Abbie and her sister. After seeing the thing in the woods, Abbie remembers waking up in what seemed like just a couple of minutes to her, but in reality it was more than a couple of days.

The whole town had been looking for them and she told Jenny to follow her lead. Jenny decided to tell the doctor that was questioning the girls after they were found what she saw.

She also told the doctor that Abbie and the rancher who found them saw the demon as well.  However the rancher never admitted to seeing it.

There is a report of shots being fired at the rancher’s house and once Abbie arrives there he only wants to speak with her.

He sees the same creature that Abbie saw in her dream and lets her know that the Sandman is coming for her next. The next time she falls asleep that she will be dead.

Abbie does some research and shows Crane a sign that looks very familiar to him. He knows the creature from her nightmare and he heard about it from the Mohawks that he fought with alongside during the war.

They told him of a spirit that would enter people’s dream and to save Abbie from her impending death, Crane says they need to visit a Mohawk shaman.

They see a car salesman that could help them and he knows the name of the spirit that Crane tells him.

He informs them that this is not your average demon and he also can drive you to a pain so unimaginable that it forces you to take your own life.

For Abbie to stop him she has to drink special tea to enter his dream world and the spirit chooses the challenge you have to face. Crane also drinks the tea as well to enter the world with Abbie.

Once in the spirit’s world Abbie tries to shoot him, but bullets can’t harm him. She is brought back to the time when the doctor was questioning her and Jenny.

Abbie admits that she saw a demon in the woods and lied to protect herself.  She also says that she was a coward and betrayed her sister. Once confessing this, the demon is turned into glass and Abbie shatters him by swinging a chair at him.

She then decides to go and see her sister, but she is missing from her room in the mental facility. It seems like she escaped using the ventilation system.



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