TV Blueprint: What to Watch Tonight on TV

Check out Hidden Remote’s TV Blueprint for a preview of the programming everyone will be tweeting and texting about all night long. Don’t waste your time worrying about out what to watch tonight. We are here to help.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D on ABC at 8pm

We have enough evidence to declare S.H.I.E.L.D a hit. The ratings for the pilot were through the roof, and the internet has been abuzz with rumors of a major Marvel superhero having a cameo tonight. I am a real believer that we’re one year away from Marvel dominating television in the same way they do the box office.

MLB Baseball: Cincinnati Reds at Pittsburgh Pirates on TBS at 8pm

Tonight’s one game Wild Card playoff between the Reds and Pirates kicks off the MLB playoffs. Hard to decide what team to root for as both cities are deserving of wins.

Face Off on SyFy at 9pm

The “Project Runway” of special effects make up is all new tonight. The competitors are tasked with creating a scary take on classic circus characters. Clown phobics should avoid at all costs.

Dukes of Haggle on Discovery at 10pm

In a collision of reality genres Discovery has a new show that features rednecks who enjoy antiquing. At the very least it should be entertaining, but I doubt it will contain any actual discoveries for the viewer.

Person of Interest on CBS at 10pm

Piracy and the internet is on tap tonight when Reese deals with cyber attacks. I thought these guys were the computer experts? Quick do the Ben Linus voice and they won’t notice.



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