Are Lucky 7 & Ironside's Days Numbered?

Joining Lucky 7 with regards to new shows being placed on notice is Ironside, the NBC remake starring Blair Underwood.

For some series, Wednesday’s ratings are very troublesome. Ironside premiered last night to a 1.4 rating with just under 7 million viewers. This is the lowest rated fall network premiere for the channel. The Playboy Club debuted to a 1.6 in the fall of 2011 and was soon canceled. NBC’s Wednesday is taking a worse hit that many likely predicted but that’s what happens when you can’t air The Voice every day. Revolution‘s slide continued–it kicked off NBC’s night with a 1.5 and 5.393 million viewers. It’s unlikely that the show will be renewed with these numbers despite its brilliant premise.

Over on ABC, Back in the Game has dropped below a 2.0 in its second episode. It was not able to retain part of The Middle‘s lead-in viewers. Meanwhile, Super Fun Night enjoyed having Modern Family as a lead-in. The premiere saw a 3.2 rating and 8.211 million viewers. Not too shabby at all for the first episode. It was an increase from what Suburgatory did in the slot last fall.

With a 0.8 at the 10 PM hour on Tuesday, Lucky 7 does not appear to last much longer. ABC will likely make a decision soon.

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