TV Blueprint: What to Watch Tonight on TV

Check out Hidden Remote’s TV Blueprint for a preview of the programming everyone will be tweeting and texting about all night long. Don’t worry because we’ve found the best stuff for you to watch tonight.

The Vampire Diaries on CW at 8pm

Season five of the sexiest vampire show on television starts tonight. Lots of long stares and meaningful glances. According to the show’s description Elena is headed to college. A very spooky college.

Welcome to the Family on NBC & The Millers on CBS at 8:30pm

Two new sitcoms kick off tonight, but from very different positions. “The Millers” benefits from airing after “The Big Bang Theory” while “Welcome to the Family” follows “Parks and Recreation”. Odds are good for “The Millers” and incredibly long for NBC.

The This Old House Hour on PBS at 8pm

A special edition of “This Old House” deals with rebuilding homes in New Jersey that were hurt during Hurricane Sandy. Learn how to properly install bathroom tile, and feel good about it.

Scandal on ABC at 10pm

Kerry Washington and the gang from “Scandal” are back tonight for their season three premiere. The episode it titled “It’s Handled” so expect a giant meatball of a scandal to fall into Washington’s lap.



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