'Homeland' Recap: 'Uh...Oh...Ah..." & Dana Overload


Oh Dana, Dana, Dana. Look what you have done to “Homeland”.

The first season of the show had the perfect amount of Dana. She was an essential part of the Brody family, and the pivotal reason the suicide vest didn’t kill the Vice President. We rooted for Dana. Then in season two she got a rich boyfriend who involved her in a hit and run. That plot nearly sunk season two. Now two episodes into season three the show is drowning in Dana. We as viewers don’t need this much background into her life post Brody. Without her Dad around she is just a troubled teenager who hates her mother. I think the TV landscape has enough of that already in “Parenthood”.

Dana took up nearly half of the show this week. She sulked through a therapy session with Mom. She stared at the bathroom where she attempted suicide. She missed her creepy Tilda Swinton looking boyfriend. She then ran off to have sex in a laundry room with said creep boyfriend. Notice nothing in there about terrorism, the CIA. or Carrie. The show needs to cull out the Dana because she is tainting everything.

Besides Dana and her CW drama we saw Carrie slipping further away from the people she loves. Carrie is in a delicate situation. She is someone with a history of mental illness trying to prover her sanity. Her first move is to speak to a reporter about the Brody case, and rebut the lies told by Saul and the Agency. This isn’t something the guys in the CIA aren’t monitoring. They find out and send police to issue a commitment order on Carrie.

Carrie ends up in a mental hospital trying to prove her paranoid feelings about the CIA being after her are real. Claire Danes once again did great work as Carrie spun into a manic state trying to explain the conspiracy against her. It only made her sound even more out of control. Being off her medication was another strike against her. She would get a chance though to prove her sanity at a hearing.

Back at Casa de Carrie her Sister and Dad are searching her apartment for evidence to present at her hearing. Carrie wants them to bring her pay stubs as proof of her CIA involvement. During their search there is a knock at the door. Saul is outside, and wants to talk. Saul approaches the conversation in a passive way, but with a clear goal. Carrie is trying to reveal CIA secrets and is off her medication. Saul claims to care for Carrie. She needs to get back on her medication and stay committed if necessary for her safety.

Later at the hearing Carrie finds out that Saul has gotten to her family, and they want her back on her medication. She reacts poorly to this news and has a meltdown before being dragged out of the room. Obviously she won’t be getting out of there anytime soon. She is strapped down to a stretcher, and injected with drugs.

The final scene of the episode featured Saul visiting a drugged up Carrie at the hospital. He gets on one knee to face her as she sits slumped in a chair. He apologizes to her for what has happened. All Carrie can manage to get out of her mouth is a groggy “Fuck You.”

Carrie and Saul might not be fixable. What is easily fixable though is the amount of Dana. Next week features the return of Brody. Let’s hope his return pushes Dana into the background where she belongs. I do wish Dana and Tilda Swinton in rehab all the best in there relationship. I just can’t take a is Dana pregnant or Dana gets a speeding ticket plot. Bring back the tension “Homeland”. It has been sorely missed so far in season three of the show.


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