'The Blacklist' Recap: 'Wujing'


This week’s episode of “The Blacklist” did the Chinese tourism board no favors. It started off with what looked to be an enjoyable drive in a black range rover through the streets of China. The joy ride ended quickly as the SUV was ambushed by heavy gunfire. Men on bikes then smashed in the windows of the car (just like they do here in New York City). One guy grabbed a suitcase that was in the passenger seat while the other cut off the driver’s hand. That might ruin any visit he had planned to The Forbidden City.

The guys on the bike want the computer because it contains the identity of an undercover CIA agent working in China. The laptop is fitted with a biometric lock, hence why they had to cut off the driver’s hand. Don’t ask why the CIA keeps sensitive computer materials in the passenger seat of their cars. After all of the gang’s work the laptop still won’t yield its contents, and the bad guy of the week calls for the help of Raymond Reddington. It seems only Reddington can unlock the laptop’s encryption.

James Spader’s Reddington has gone from imprisoned in a giant glass box to now roaming New York parks where he plays solo Chess. He does have a tracking chip imbedded in his neck, but the FBI has really given him some slack in this working deal they made. Anyhow turns out that the Chinese guy is named Wujing, and he needs Reds help. Reddington’s plan is to have Elizabeth Keen pretend to be an encryption expert, and infiltrate the groups computer systems. Of course Keen has not a clue about encryption, but that’s part of the Spader charm.

Before Keen goes undercover to stop Wujing from killing another CIA agent she has to deal with her husband’s sketchy spy like behavior. There’s that box in the floor with passports, currency, and a gun. That’s a red flag for any relationship. Keen hatches a plan to run the gun through the FBI ballistics testing center. She fires a bullet into a stack of phone books (finally a good use for the yellow pages) and files it for analysis. Later in the episode we find out the bullet was involved in a crime, but the case has been labeled confidential. The information Keeen requested has been redacted. Her husband has been a very bad boy.

Anyhow Keen ends up meeting Wujing in his underground bunker. She’s wearing a tracker that looks like a nicotine patch, but the bunker is so deep that the FBI loses track of them. After some scenes of fake tension, I mean neither of the show’s lead characters were going to die in the third episode, Wujing flees the bunker with Red and Keen. Wujing drops them off before he makes a run for it, but Keen slaps her patch tracker onto the car. It takes only moments for the FBI to surround the car, and off Wujing goes to jail.

At the end of the episode we find out that the FBI is also interested in what Agent Keen is doing in and outside of work. They’ve put an alert onto any tests she requests through the bureau. They discuss how she got a hold of a bullet that matched this confidential murder. Will the FBI be the ones who finally reveal the husband as a spy? The husband wears glasses, like Clark Kent, to mask the fact that he’s a spy. Can the FBI and Keen unmask him?





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