'Bones' Recap: The Sense in the Sacrifice


The Jeffersonian team with the help of Special Agent Hayes Flynn devise a plan to draw Pelant out with the hopes of being able to catch him. Their plan backfires and it results in him killing Flynn, a person that was close to Booth.

Booth and Sweets decide to inspect Flynn’s apartment to see if they can find a clue that can help them figure out how Pelant was spying on Flynn. Sweets suspects that Flynn may not be who everyone thinks he is.

Bones finds out that Flynn had a surgery and that is costs more than what he makes on a salary from the FBI. While looking in his apartment, they find a getaway stash with money and passports. The evidence points that Flynn may have been dirty.

It appears that Pelant is trying to send Bones a message by giving her a clue about a case she worked years ago that went unsolved. Pelant finds a way into the Jeffersonian and wants to have a chat with Bones.

He forces her to talk by placing a bomb on the table and arming it to go off. It turns out that Pelant wants to solve the case to prove that he’s smarter than Bones and her interns.

Booth goes to see Bones and realizes the bomb is  fake. She tells Booth that Pelant told her about a female serial killer that is still on the loose and that they will need his help to catch the person.

Bones goes to see a friend of Booth to get some insight as to what he might do once he finds Pelant. It’s given that once Booth finds him that he will kill him. However Bones believes that Pelant is more valuable if he is alive than being dead.

Bones decided to confront Pelant by going to his hideout and Booth is not too far behind her. Bones and Pelant meet again, this time she pulls a gun on him. Booth makes his way to Pelant and kills him.

Booth is now able to propose to Bones with Pelant dead.












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