‘Eastbound and Down’ Recap: Chapter 23


!!SPOILER ALERT!! Do not read if you haven’t watched yet.

This week’s episode starts with a reintroduction to Kenny’s Assistant/friend, Stevie Janowski, who is at the store shopping with wife, Maria, and his four children all named after his idol, Kenny. That doesn’t seem to be the only thing they have in common with their namesake either. Stevie’s children show him no respect; they walk all over him and even insult him to his face. After his credit card is declined, Stevie and his family make a run for it leaving their groceries behind showing Stevie has clearly fallen on hard times.

Back at the Powers’ residence, Kenny is hard at work digging a hole for his swimming pool. April wonders why he isn’t at work, and Kenny comes clean. He tells her that he quit his job, and is headed for the public spotlight once again.

In the next scene, Kenny is waiting at the gate of his old time teammate, Guy Young’s office building as Guy drives up. They have lunch, and Kenny tells his friend that he quit his day job and wants one last shot at being famous. Guy offers him a guest spot on his weekly talk show, Sports Sesh.

Kenny’s first stop is Stevie’s house. He needs his assistant back if he’s gonna do this comeback right. Stevie declines however; citing his responsibility to take care of his growing family. Kenny declares if he isn’t with him, he’s against him and storms out.

Kenny Powers’ first appearance on Sports Sesh doesn’t go as he hoped. He meets one of the guest hosts, Dontel Benjamin who seems to hate him right off the bat. He constantly talks over Kenny during the show and doesn’t let him get a word in. Kenny’s anxiety gets the best of him which leads to a train wreck of a show.

Afterwards, Kenny asks Guy about making another appearance on the show, but Guy seems baffled. He tells Kenny the show was a disaster, and that he wanted Kenny to take Dontel down, but instead he had let the man walk all over him. Kenny vows to destroy Dontel on his next appearance, and Guy agrees to give him one more shot.

At Toby’s soccer game, Kenny is ostracized by his “friends” who saw his appearance on Sports Sesh. April is clearly upset seeing her husband look so defeated. The next day, Stevie shows up also having seen the show. He is determined to help Kenny rise back to the top. A silly montage ensues in which Kenny practices sitting down, arguing, and picks out a nice suit. Before heading to the show, Kenny also buys an 80,000 car.

Before his second appearance, Kenny is clearly feeling the anxiety overcome him yet again. Just then, April shows up to support her husband, and there is a clear change in Kenny’s demeanor. He is finally ready to take down Dontel. When Dontel tries to talk over Kenny this time, Kenny fights back. Dontel is clearly uncomfortable having his role as resident asshole challenged. Kenny turns the studio audience against Dontel who quits the show in a very colorful fashion. The show ends with Kenny soaking in the adoration of his fans, and winking at his wife whose support gave him the confidence to succeed.

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