TV Blueprint: What to Watch Tonight on TV

Check out Hidden Remote’s TV Blueprint for Wednesday, October 9th, and get a preview of the programming everyone will be tweeting and texting about all night long.

Arrow on CW at 8pm

The only show on TV to deal with archery related adventure returns tonight for its second season. Summer Glau is on this show, and boy is that a fun name to say. Summer Glau. Summer Glau. Summer Glau. That name deserves a run on “Game of Thrones”.

American Pickers on History Channel at 9pm

The new season kicks off with the guys going picking in Italy. I thought the show was called “American Pickers”. Shouldn’t we change it to International Pickers, just to be consistent?

Preachers of LA on Oxygen at 10pm

Finally there’s a reality show for fans of ostentatious religious figures. The show seems to be about preachers driving better cars than you. Sounds promising. Jesus loved those money changers.

American Horror Story: Coven on FX at 10pm

This show scares me. My fear has nothing to do with Jessica Lange’s plastic surgery though. This season surrounds a coven led by Lange, Angela Basset, and Kathy Bates. Be afraid.




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