Will 'House of Cards' End After Season 2?


A post from the website goldderby.com is reporting that the hit Netflix show ‘House of Cards’ starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright might end with the upcoming second season. According to the post;

Although showrunner Beau Willimon tweeted in August that he hopes to write further seasons, (co-executive producer) Cleveland thinks that these two are all that will ever be produced. “‘House of Cards’ is only going to go a second season and I think that’s it,” he said before immediately explaining that “Kevin Spacey likes to do movies and Robin Wright likes to do movies.”

“House of Cards” is the centerpiece of Netflix’s original programming, but two seasons might be all the network needs. It also can end because Netflix has established critical darling “Orange is the New Black”. If you haven’t seen “House of Cards”, think of it as evil “West Wing”. With Spacey and Wright involved the show wasn’t designed for a long run. Expect the second season to bring in Emmy awards for Wright, and Nomination for Spacey. Next year’s best actor Emmy is already earmarked for Bryan Cranston.

What do you think about “House of Cards” ending after season 2? The story could benefit from the show having a defined end point. The end of season one pushed the believability of the Francis Underwood character. If the show lasted more than two seasons it could have become too campy. Spacey speaking towards the camera only works because of the realism of the surrounding scenes. If the plot goes off the rails than Spacey’s asides may venture into “Rocky Horror” territory.

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