The Complete Wardrobe of Walter White

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It has been a sad few weeks for “Breaking Bad” fans. The finale might have been a perfect ending for the show, but there has been little for a “Bad” fan to enjoy since then. “Homeland” is slowly becoming a show about Brody’s daughter Dana and her myriad of problems, “Game of Thrones” won’t be back for months, and the new hot shows, “Agents of SHIELD” and “Blacklist” aren’t grounded in reality. Besides re-watching favorite moments from the series or debating how Walt might have dreamed his last minute vengeance there isn’t much left for fans to unearth, or so I thought.

Enter the great website  “The Wardrobe of Walter White” to fill the void. Simple supply and demand. The site features the entire wardrobe worn by Walt over the show’s run. The clothing is presented in paper doll style for all five seasons. Every doll triggers a memory from the show. My personal favorite is the Walter White winter look sported in season 5. Something about that fur covered coat that should be warm and toasty, but not.

Until the Saul Goodman spinoff launches we are just left with the great memories from “Breaking Bad”. Sites like Walt’s Wardrobe are a great fix for a brain denied serious drama on TV. Until we return to Vince Gilligan’s universe we have to make do wondering how big the computer has to be on “Persons of Interest”.

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