‘Eastbound and Down’ Recap: Chapter 24


!!SPOILER ALERT!! Do not read if you haven’t watched yet.

Kenny, having claimed victory over Dontel, wants to use his new job and its perks to do something nice for his family. He begins by giving each of his family a special gift. He gives his wife a candle, his daughter an expensive Louis Vuitton backpack, and for his son, the most outrageous gift of all, a full grown wolf. Kenny tells his wife that with his new job he won’t be around the house as much as he’d like to be and that he wants his son to have a strong male role model in the house.

Next up, Kenny stops by his friend Guy Young’s office to give him a gift basket with his autobiographical screenplay in it, and Guy gives Kenny a gift basket which included a coupon book with tickets to a waterpark. Kenny, pretending to be a home invader, bursts through the front door of his brother’s house in classic Kenny P fashion. He wants to invite his brother Dustin and his family to the waterpark, but Dustin is still pissed at Kenny for faking his own death and refuses Kenny’s offer to reconcile. Instead, Kenny invites Stevie’s family and some of April’s friends to go with them.

Everything is going great until April decides to let loose and start drinking. Eventually, Kenny is forced to take his wife back to their hotel room and put her to bed along with his kids. He gets a text from Stevie and heads down to the hotel bar for some drinks. At the bar, Kenny meets a guy named Seansy and his sister Jesse. They both recognize him from his appearance on Sports Sesh and want to party with him. In the next few scenes, Kenny’s loyalty to his family is put to the test.

Ultimately, Jesse reveals that she wants Kenny to come back to her room for sex. Kenny is flattered, but tells her he has a wife and kids and he doesn’t want to squander this second chance he’s been given. He ends up back in his hotel room with his wife and kids, but as he tries to sleep, he begins to doubt his decision and heads to Jesse’s room anyway. He tells her he’s changed his mind, but at this point, she believes it would be morally wrong for them to hook up.

Kenny finally goes back to his family’s room defeated. When April wakes up in the morning, Kenny is still awake staring at the ceiling. April tells him how glad she is that they made the trip and hopes she didn’t embarrass herself too much. Kenny tells her that it’s okay and that nothing bad happened. We see that he’s trying to convince himself more than anything. Some eerie music plays as Kenny contemplates the huge mistake he almost made, knowing that something HAS changed. Kenny’s new found fame is beginning to threaten his family life.

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