New Shows are On The Clock

It’s not a great time to be a struggling first-year show as we head into the end of October.

CBS made the decision to pull We Are Men from their schedule after two episodes. ABC made the same move with Lucky 7. Despite this era of a gazillion channels, broadcast networks still want to see great ratings. It’s pretty sad that a certain number of viewers can not only can be a hit on cable but a failure on the broadcast networks. It’s a shame but that’s the reality we live in.

Since Brothers and Sisters aired at 10 PM on ABC, the network has yet to find a program that can work in that slot. Looking at the ratings, Betrayal will be betrayed by ABC and likely pulled. Despite going against the a classic ALCS game airing on FOX between the Detroit Tigers and Boston Red Sox and Sunday Night Football on NBC, the show was unable to retain most of the Revenge audience. It’s not going to cut it–plain and simple.

Two shows have already got full season orders for this year: The Blacklist on NBC and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD on ABC. FOX has been a second 13-episode season order to Sleepy Hollow. I expect The Crazy Ones to be picked up, too.

While Robin Williams is doing just fine, Michael J. Fox isn’t. His new series has the most NBC viewers on Thursday but it’s not ratings to run home about. The downside is that NBC ordered the show straight to series without having viewed a pilot. That’s not a smart decision but they are committed to airing all 22 episodes.

NBC’s Thursday night certainly is not helped by the failure of Welcome to the Family and Sean Saves the World. Sean Hayes isn’t going to save NBC. I expect Community to get an air date any day now.

Wednesday night on NBC isn’t doing all that better. Revolution is struggling. Ironside, a remake, is going to bite the dust if it keeps getting poor ratings.

Hostages, airing on CBS Mondays, is losing to both The Blacklist and Castle.

Over on ABC, they can’t seem to keep a show on Thursdays at 8 PM following the move of Ugly Betty. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland could not get a 2.0 when it debuted last week.

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