10 Things the Husband on "The Blacklist" Could Be Up To

Tom Keen

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Have you seen the above gentlemen before? If you’ve been watch NBC’s hit new show “The Blacklist” then you would recognize the face of Tom Keen, husband of FBI Agent Elizabeth Keen. Now sure he looks like a normal fourth grade teacher. The guy has job appropriate eye wear and tweedy outfits. However there is something secretive about that guy.

Early in the season Agent Keen found a box hidden under the rug in her home. The box contained tools of the spy trade. Different passports with her teacher husband’s picture, different international currencies, and a intimidating looking gun. Unless this guy is dealing with a “Dangerous Minds” type situation at work then why would he have such a box?

Tonight Keen and Reddington, played by James Spader, deal with a bag guy who has important information related to Tom Keen’s secrets. With that in mind here are 10 possible explanations for the secret box that we might see tonight on “The Blacklist”.

10. Credit Card Debt

Everyone has been hurt by the economy in recent years, and maybe Tom Keen had to take out Discover Cards under different names to make ends meet. That would explain the need for the passports, the different money he needs to pay off his monthly fees, and a gun in case they start calling his phone.

9. 2nd Amendment Advocate

Since when does being a gun owner make you a spy? Tom Keen could be a proud gun own and head of his local Tea Party chapter. A future plot could involve Elizabeth foiling a bomb in the middle of a Heritage Foundation event.

8. He’s Got Two Families

This is the Lifetime Network theory. Could Tom Keen have a second family? His wife is awfully busy running around the world with A-List actor James Spader to worry about his needs.

7. Planning Her Birthday

Maybe Tom was just planning a beautiful gift for Elizabeth’s next birthday? What says I love you more than let’s travel to Europe without leaving a digital fingerprint?

6. Door to Door Salesman

This is embarrassing, but Tom was selling these boxes door to door to make ends meet. The box Elizabeth found is the display model that Tom uses when making house calls.

5. Meth Problem

After “Breaking Bad” that box looks more and more like the kind of thing a smart meth king pin would stash. Tom Keen also happens to be a teacher. And he wears glasses. I really want this idea to be right.

4. Gambling Bets

Tom Keen lives in the metropolitan D.C. area and had to lose big money betting on his Washington Redskins early in the season. Tom’s guy picks up every Tuesday, and that box was meant for him.

3. Xbox One

Tom like most men his age is dying to own a new Xbox One, but is having trouble getting their significant other to see it as a reasonable purchase. Tom is just stocking up some money to make sure he gets one without leaving a charge on their joint credit card.

2. He’s Leaving Her

Maybe Tom and a new teacher at school are having an affair. Maybe he’s having one with Isabella Rosselini from earlier in the season. Tom could be saving up money before moving off the grid to a cabin in Maine.

1. He’s a Spy

The guy has the same “Spy Box” we’ve seen hundreds of time before in movies and TV. Jason Bourne didn’t have that box because he worked in IT. Tom Keen is a spy, but we will need to wait till tonight for a glimpse of who he is actually working for.

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