'The Blacklist' Recap: 'The Courier (No 85)'


This week on “The Blacklist” FBI Agent Elizabeth Keen faced down an extremely creepy killer for the second week in a row. Last week was the naked “Stewmaster”, and this week was the often naked “Courier”. “The Courier” is a middle man for major criminal enterprises. He doesn’t feel pain, and he’s buried numerous tools under the skin of his body. He’s like a human cargo pant.

The promos for the show also promised some insight into the secrets between Keen and her obviously not a teacher husband. With all of that on the table, plus James Spader constantly devouring scenery this week’s show was loaded to bear.

It kicked off with a scary scene in the middle of nowhere. Killer’s today love those plastic “Purge” masks, and this week’s villain subscribes to that model. He’s got a NSA agent tied up, and is just about to throw the agent into a giant freezer when he’s stabbed in the chest. The guy doesn’t feel pain so he shrugs that off like a bad sneeze. The agent falls into the freezer with only enough oxygen for 24 hours, and boom off we go.

The episode unfolded when Reddington reveals that “The Courier” is delivering a package to an Iranian spy. The drop is nearby of course, and the team rolls out to stop him. During the mission the team ends up capturing “The Courier” but the spy is killed. Only when he is interrogated do we discover the bad guy has sewn hundreds of things under his skin. The FBI orders that he is sent to a hospital for some cosmetic surgery to remove the items. During the transfer Mr. Courier rips lock picks out of wrist and breaks out of the van.

After he escapes Reddington travels to meet with the bad guys last client. A french woman who looked like a member of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is now in danger because it was her mission that got “The Courier” snared by the feds. The guy never forgets a betrayal, and her life is on the line. Reddington uses that info to convince her to flee the country with his help. His help is contingent on her helping him find the missing NSA agent we saw fall into the freezer.

While Reddington is figuring out the puzzle the FBI tracks down “The Courier” to his safe house. A firefight ensues between the agents and the bad guy. “The Courier” makes a run for it, but it is all for not. Like “Shane” he’s mortally wounded, and he falls to the ground without a peep. Reddington and Liz at the same time are using the information the French agent gave up to find the hidden location of the NSA agent.

This is network TV, so the team finds the Agent just before he is officially dead, and saves his life. When he comes to he tells Reddington and Keen that he wishes he could repay them for freeing him. Reddington already has a way for him to show his gratitude, and requests the redacted files Keen has on her husband’s gun. This time he wants her to see the complete file. The file arrives, and we see that the gun was used to kill a foreign agent who was trying to defect. The case had little evidence except for one picture of the possible suspect exiting the scene.

The picture shows, drum roll please, that it is in fact Keen’s husband Tom exiting the building. The file is concrete evidence that Tom isn’t some simple elementary school teacher. Keen arrives home to confront a prepared Tom. He’s seated in a throne of some kind when she arrives home, and before they can get down to business the credits roll. “The Blacklist” kept the tension and the gore going this week. By leaving the cliffhanger between the Keens they set up a major payoff for next week’s episode.



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