'Eastbound and Down' Recap: Chapter 25


This episode picks up where the last one left off. April’s friends, Gene and Dixie are packing their car to leave the water park when Dixie notices a bruise on Gene’s face. He lies to her saying Kenny accidently hit him while they were acting out a scene from Rocky.

After Kenny gives Toby a speech about being an alpha dog, Toby tries to feed his wolf, Dakota. At the last second though, he gets scared and runs away.

Next up is an obstacle course on Sports Sesh. One of the other cohosts, Jeff Forney beats Guy Young, and then after the show, he expresses regret claiming that Guy Young is a sore loser. Kenny tells Jeff that he will make sure nothing bad happens to him.

The next day at lunch, Kenny tells Guy that he is becoming his best friend. Guy asks Kenny to take part in a charity boat race, and Kenny agrees. He asks Stevie to find him a suitable.

April tells Kenny that Gene and Dixie have been excluding them from their weekly get togethers. This pisses off Kenny who in turn tracks down Gene and Tell on a golf course and threatens them saying they upset April and he wants them to leave the spouses out of it. He goes as far as calling them bullies before trying to steal their money and running over their golf clubs.

Stevie presents the charity he decided on. He wants Kenny to run an afterschool baseball club to keep urban kids off the streets. Next up, Kenny goes to a charity dinner at Guy Young’s house. Jeff and his wife show up, and after being cordial to their faces, Guy begins making fun of them behind their back. Kenny begins to see that Guy might not be as nice as he initially thought.

That night, April sees that Gene and Dixie are having another party across the street that they weren’t invited to. She makes Kenny go with her to confront the situation. Dixie tells April that Kenny hit her husband, and in an effort to save his own ass, Kenny blames everything that happened at the waterpark on Gene saying he cheated on his wife and that Kenny tried to stop it. Dixie gets very upset and forces Gene to move out.

The next day at the boat race, Kenny is told by Dontel that Guy is a bad person, and that he will eventually turn on him. During the boat race, Jeff Forley falls out of rhythm, and the Sports Sesh boat falls behind. Guy tells Kenny to knock Jeff out of the boat. Kenny has to make a tough choice. On the one hand, he told Jeff he would try to protect him, but on the other hand, Guy is the man who gave Kenny his fame back. In a selfish decision, Kenny throws Forley from the boat, and they win the race. Guy is very happy, but Kenny is conflicted.

In the final scene, Toby finally feeds Dakota showing he wants to be an alpha dog like his father not knowing the moral sacrifices Kenny has to make to stay on top.

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