'The Walking Dead' Recap: Infected


The first scene of this episode involves a traitor within the prison. Someone is feeding the walkers live rats at one particularly weak section of the outer fence.

We then see Tyreese and Karen enjoying some time together before going to their respective cells to get a good night’s sleep, not knowing the horrors that are about to befall the prison. Before going to her cell, Karen goes to the bathroom and rinses her face with water which I assume has just recently been contaminated by Patrick.

Meanwhile, walker-Patrick stalks the cell block looking for a neck to sink his teeth into, and he finds one. The number of walkers grows throughout the night, and by morning, the cell block is being overrun by walkers. After a pretty sweet fight, the problem is contained, and it is deduced that Patrick must have died from the cold he had the night before and caused the outbreak. Now there is a new problem. Some, or possibly all of the people in the prison may have been exposed to this new deadly flu strain.

Lizzy and Mika’s father gets bitten, and Carol brings the girls to say goodbye to their father. After a heartfelt goodbye, their father succumbs to his wounds and dies. Before he can come back as a walker, Carol jams a knife in his skull. Lizzy has a panic attack clearly taking her father’s death very hard. Carol accepts the responsibility of raising the girls as her own.

At a council meeting, it is determined that anyone showing signs of the deadly flu should be quarantined until they can come up with a solution. They hear Karen coughing in the hall and inform her and Tyreese of what’s going on. She agrees to go into quarantine for the greater good, and also informs everyone that another newcomer named David has also been coughing.

Daryl and Rick dig a hole to bury the dead and talk about how Rick’s role in the group has changed. Daryl tells Rick that when the shit hits the fan, he’s always been the one holding the shovel. Just at that moment, the shit hits the fan… AGAIN. The walkers outside the fence are all gathered around that one weak section of fence where the unknown traitor was feeding the walkers earlier.

Rick, Daryl, Maggie, Glenn, Sasha, and Tyrese spring into action quickly killing as many walkers as they can at the fence. Sasha finds the dead rats that someone has been feeding the walkers, and just then, the fence begins to give way. It bends under the weight of all the walkers, and Rick knows something has to be done. He tells Daryl to get the truck. Clearly, he has a plan.

Rick and Daryl stop the truck maybe a hundred feet away from the fence where the walkers are about to break through. The truck is hauling a crate full of the pigs Rick had been raising on his “farm”. He takes the pigs out of the crate one by one and cuts each one on their thigh so they are unable to run. By doing this, Rick and Daryl lure the hoard of walkers away from the fence, and the other survivors are able to reinforce the weak section of fence.

Next, Carl goes to his father, and tells him that Carol has been teaching the kids how to use knives to defend themselves against walkers. Rick promises Carl that he won’t tell any of their parents. He then gives his son his gun back believing he is now responsible enough to use it. He also straps his own revolver back on his waist. Clearly farmer-Rick is no more. The sheriff is back in town.

In the final scene of the episode, Tyreese goes to visit Karen in isolation, but her cell is empty and soaked in blood. He follows the blood trail outside and finds her burned remains along with another burned body belonging to the other sick man, David. Tyreese is now out for blood.

Who is the traitor? What is this new deadly flu and how does it spread?

Tune in to AMC every Sunday at 9PM for the answers to these as well as many other questions that have been gnawing at you.

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