Could 'House of Cards' Be Extended Past Season 2?


Numerous outlets are reporting that Netflix could be moving forward on extending their hit political show “House of Cards” beyond the previously reported limit of two seasons. With the show being a critical darling, while at the same time cementing Netflix as a power player in the future of media, it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are talks to extended the show’s run.

Here’s what reported from a Netflix press conference that could signal the show won’t just end after two seasons.

Though the premiere of House of Cards‘ second season is still months away, Netflix is already thinking ahead to a possible season 3. “Our intent is that the show keep going for sure,” Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos said during a keynote address at this weekend’s 2013 Film Independent Forum, adding, “It was not our intent that it just run for two seasons.” After his speech, Sarandos reiterated that his company wants to make more House of Cards, telling Deadline that “talks are in progress right now.”

With the finishing touches being made on season two, Netflix must realize the incredible financial benefits from keeping the show around. It adds this extra “HBO” level of credibility to their line up. When you combine “House of Cards” with “Orange is the New Black” you get a one-two punch equal to anything other premium networks are offering. Showtime’s “Homeland” and “Nurse Jackie” are starting to look a bit long in the tooth compared to the actions Frank Underwood and Inmate Chapman.

If or rather when the show is officially extended to season three then any future extensions shouldn’t be greeted with surprise. There’s also precedence from “West Wing” for political show’s to extend their run by introducing new candidates into the mix. If a season three Frank Underwood has become an evil “Heisenberg” version of himself then maybe a new political force could become the new good guy/spin off.

All things are possible, unless the show ends after two seasons. With Netflix moving ahead on a third season of “House of Cards” they take the next step in being the HBO of the next twenty years.

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