'Eastbound and Down' Recap: Chapter 26


In the opening scenes of the episode, Kenny throws a pool party to officially open his new pool. Gene tries to interrupt it, but is swiftly removed by Kenny’s security team.

That night in bed, Kenny begins literally throwing his money around which we see is starting to get to April. She wants to go to couple’s therapy, but Kenny just blows it off, and throws more money at her.

Then on Sports Sesh, Guy announces that Jeff Forley is no longer on the show. He goes on to introduce a segment with a chef cooking nachos, and Kenny sees this as his opportunity to cut in and take over the segment. Guy, like April is getting pretty annoyed at Kenny’s arrogance.

Kenny’s next stop is his brother, Dustin’s house. He wants to finally bury the hatchet, and so he has bought Dustin’s children presents. To Wayne, he gives a beautiful new guitar and amp and to Dustin Jr., an assault rifle. Dustin doesn’t want any of it though, and tells Kenny to take his expensive gifts and get off of his property. Kenny apologizes and tells his brother he wants them to be friends again. Dustin really seems to be coming around until Kenny gets a text from Guy, and abruptly ends his reconciliation with his brother.

Kenny heads to the lake to meet up with Guy, and from a distance, he can see Guy flying over on a water powered jetpack. Their conversation starts out fine, talking about how cool Guy’s new jetpack is, and quickly turns hostile when Kenny says he’d love to get one of those. Guy’s true colors come out telling Kenny he can’t afford it, and on top of that, he hasn’t earned it yet. He then goes into how Kenny is just a cohost on Sports Sesh, and shouldn’t be interrupting Guy’s segments. Kenny says he understands, and he’ll try to tone himself down to keep the spotlight on Guy. Guy ends the conversation by clapping and then telling Kenny, “Just remember Kenny, not everybody can fly.”

Later, at the mall, Kenny and Stevie talk about a franchising idea for Kenny called Taters ‘N’ Tits. Kenny goes on to tell Stevie about what happened with Guy and how he wants Kenny to tone it down on Sports Sesh. Stevie thinks he should follow Guy’s lead since he’s been in the business a long time, but Kenny tells Stevie that he was born to fly.

At an expensive dinner with April, Kenny once again starts throwing his money around, and April has had it. She insists on going to therapy, and Kenny finally agrees to make his wife happy.

The next day, before Sports Sesh, Guy goes to Kenny’s dressing room, and just reminds him about the agreement they made the day before, and Kenny reassures him once again that he’ll tone it down.

However, on the last scene from Sports Sesh this week, Guy is doing a segment with an animal trainer, and as much as Kenny tries to hold himself back, eventually, he says to himself, “F*ck this” and cuts in yet again. Guy has clearly had enough. He gives Kenny a look that says, we are now enemies. In the last shot of the episode, we see Kenny flying around on a water powered jetpack of his very own. Like he said before, “I was born to fly.”

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