'Naked Vegas' Series Premiere: Preview, TV Info, & More


The SyFy network already proved that its viewers are interested in special effects makeup with the hit show “Face Off”. “Face Off” now in its fifth season, has a similar format to “Project Runway”, with makeup artists challenged each week to create original works of art. The real hallmark of successful shows though is spin-offs.

Tonight the newest show on SyFy, “Naked Vegas”, is the first official offspring from “Face Off”. The show is more conventional reality fare with cameras following busy body painters in sin city, and airs right after “Face Off”. Here is the official synopsis from SyFy about their new show.

Welcome to the provocative and imaginative world of body painting art – set amidst the fast-paced glitter of life on the Las Vegas Strip. When casinos, clubs, events, conventions, celebrities, magicians, fashion designers — or anyone in between — wants to throw a memorable opening, they call the Naked Vegas Team (it’s the name of the business AND the show! Booya!).

These four accomplished artists – including Nicholas “Nix” Herrera from Syfy’s hit series Face Off – comprise Las Vegas’ hottest and most innovative body painting company, creating amazing displays of artwork on naked female and male models.

Each episode of Naked Vegas will highlight the chemistry and creative skills of the artists’ different personalities as they collaborate on a major client job while navigating the economics of the business.

Sounds interesting, but the individual artists personalities might be the make or break part of the show. SyFy hedged its bet by including Nicholas on the show. He was a contestant on an earlier season of “Face Off” and is a helpful bridge between the two shows. The show is also a great excuse for SyFy to show nearly naked people for 42 minutes a week.

Check out the preview for tonight’s show, but be careful not to overload on the amount of skin.

Not sure how long the show can run, but with “Face Off” as a lead in “Naked Vegas” has a solid chance to be a hit. Here’s all the information you need to catch tonight’s brand new show.

Date: Tuesday, October 29th
Episode Title: “Paint the Town”
Start Time: 10:00 p.m. ET
Watch: SyFy
Online Stream: SyFy.com


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