'The Walking Dead' Recap: Isolation


In the opening scene of this week’s episode, Tyreese is clearly furious over the murder of his girlfriend, Karen. Rick tries to relate and tells him he knows what he’s going through, but Tyreese is so blinded by rage that he punches Rick, who in turn attacks Tyreese and gives him quite the beating.

Rick has a heart to heart with Herschel. Herschel wants Rick to come to the next council meeting, but Rick doesn’t think he deserves to after what he just did. Herschel tries to convince Rick to look past this confrontation with Tyreese, and think about the people who are relying on him.

Tyreese is hard at work digging a grave for Karen and David. Bob tells him he should have a doctor look at him after the beating he took, but Tyreese refuses. “Not until they’re in the ground.” Bob grabs a shovel and helps him dig.

Glenn and Herschel talk about the infection and how terrible it is that there’s nothing they can do to fight it. Just then, Sasha shows up coughing. Clearly, she has become infected. She heads to the isolation ward to look for the doctor, and to her surprise, he has become infected too.

During a council meeting, Herschel tells everyone that anyone who was in cellblock D during the outbreak may be infected. Glenn starts feeling sick, but keeps it to himself. Herschel goes on to say that the infection itself isn’t killing people, the symptoms are. If they had some antibiotics, they might be able to save lives. There is a veterinary college about an hour away that might have some, so Daryl and Michonne head out for a run.

Rick sees Tyreese has just finished burying the bodies and walks over to apologize. Tyreese tells Rick it was both of their faults, and asks him to please find out who was responsible for Karen’s death. Rick begins his investigation by asking if either Karen or David had any enemies or issues with anyone, but Tyreese tells him they got along with everybody. Rick explains that at the time, they were the only two people who were showing symptoms, and whoever killed them was probably trying to stop the infection from spreading. Tyreese tells him that it didn’t work since now his sister, Sasha is sick. He is frustrated that Rick has been helping the sick instead of looking for his girlfriend’s killer.

Rick sends Carl into quarantine to keep him from getting sick and although it’s an annoyance, he seems to understand that it’s for the greater good.

Maggie goes to see Glenn, who is now clearly sick. He tells her to stay away not wanting her to become infected as well.

Daryl and Michonne prep the car while talking about the good old days when they would go on runs together. They then decide to take Bob on their run, and think they need one more person, but can’t decide who.

Tyreese goes to the isolation ward to stand guard and make sure whoever killed Karen doesn’t come back to kill the infected people in isolation which include his sister Sasha. Daryl shows up to ask him to join them on their run to get medicine for everyone who’s sick. Tyreese turns him down, but Daryl leaves him an open invitation to join them anyway.

Herschel wants to head out to the woods for something, and Carl insists on joining him.

While Carol ushers more sick people into isolation, Lizzie shows up coughing. Carol reassures her that everything will be alright, and then sends her into isolation telling her to look for Glenn saying he’ll take care of her. Carol gives Lizzie one last hug before locking her in isolation.

Maggie opens up to her sister Beth about Glenn becoming sick, and Beth reassures her to just stay focused on her daily tasks and before she knows it, Daryl will be back with the medication.

Out in the woods, Herschel gathers berries from a particular bush which will help the sick fight the infection until Daryl arrives with the antibiotics. Carl, glad to finally have his gun back, learns the value of restraint when he lets two walkers live to conserve ammunition.

Back in isolation, Tyreese visits with his sister. He explains Daryl’s plan to go get medication, and she conveys to her brother that this might be her only chance at survival. Taking this as his cue to leave, Tyreese heads for the car to join Daryl on his journey for medication.

Before leaving, Tyreese asks Carol to look after his sister while he’s gone. Carol tells Tyreese she is very sorry about what happened to Karen, and then after he leaves, she breaks down and starts crying.

Maggie sees her father Herschel heading to isolation with the berries and she is upset that he will get sick if he tries to help the people who are already infected. Hershel explains that just walking outside, he risks his life every day. At least now by helping the sick, he can choose what he’s risking his life for. Maggie finally understands, and lets her father go.

Rick investigates the spot where Karen and David’s burned bodies were found and finds a bloody handprint which is clearly smaller than his own.

Carol is outside the gate trying to clear a jammed waterline from a nearby stream which the survivors rely on for their water supply. She is quickly surrounded by walkers, but Rick sees her just in time and runs to her rescue.

On the road, Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and Bob think they hear a voice on the radio. While they’re all distracted, they drive into a herd of what looks like thousands of walkers. The car is quickly surrounded. Daryl tries to back the car out of the herd, but ends up running over so many bodies that the car gets stuck on a pile of somewhat dead walkers. They decide to make a run for it. Everyone gets out of the car and starts fighting for their lives except for Tyreese who sits in the car for a minute seemingly giving up. Finally though, he gets out of the car and unleashes all of his pent up anger on the walker hoard. He tells the other three survivors to run, and it looks like it’s going to be the end for Tyreese.

Daryl, Michonne, and Bob head through the woods thinking Tyreese is dead when he finally pops out from behind the treeline covered in entrails and kills two more walkers.

Back at the prison in isolation, Herschel helps the doctor with the berries he collected. The doctor coughs blood on Herschel’s face, and he finally accepts that he too is likely infected and removes the mask that had been covering his mouth and nose.

Herschel then goes to see Glenn and tries to reassure him that everything is going to be alright.

In the final scene of the episode, Rick tells Carol it was foolish for her to go outside of the prison walls alone, and they talk about how she would do anything to help the people in the prison. Rick then asks her flat out if she killed Karen and David. She admits to it and then walks away. Rick doesn’t look too surprised, but he is worried about what kind of impact this will have on the group.

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