'Top Chef' Season 11, Episode 5: Preview, TV Info, & More

Season 11 of “Top Chef” might be taking place in New Orleans, but the first few episodes have lacked the Cajun heat and punch we’ve seen before from the show. The challenges haven’t been all that special, and there really hasn’t been any standouts in the personality department. Tonight’s all new episode features two interesting challenges so there is still hope for the season to turn around. The synopsis of tonight’s battles from Bravo.

This week, the cheftestants face challenges full of chills and thrills. After tackling a Quickfire Challenge where all of the ingredients and tools are wrapped in aluminum foil, the chefs must cater a Halloween party for singer/actress Lea Michele. Not only does the food have to be vegetarian, but it has to be spook-tacular!

The Quickfire promises to feature ingredients and tools wrapped in aluminum foil (no doubt a Reynolds product placement), but doesn’t mention the special guests for the challenge. Padme and Gail’s Moms will feature prominently in the challenge. The Moms will shop for the wrapped ingredients in a supermarket sweep/super toy run style. Here is a quick preview of the Mom’s running around the pantry with the Chefs yelling out orders in the background.

The Quickfire includes a pair of Moms, but the Elimination Challenge centers around actress Lea Michelle hosting a Halloween masquerade party. The Chefs are going to cater the party, which won’t be easy since Michelle identifies herself as a “Top Chef Superfan”. Want proof of her Top Chef glee? Check out the preview where Padme reveals to the Chefs that Lea is apart of the Elimination Challenge.

The pressure is on for the Chefs to cater a spooky Halloween costume party. With the group broken up into teams of two, the pairing of Michael and Nina is already causing fireworks. She has complained previously about the way Michael carries himself in and out of the kitchen. Expect their team to either win the whole challenge or be the bottom group. One thing is for sure according to Lea Michelle. “It’s going to be so cool.”

Here’s all the info you need to be apart of tonight’s Mom and Lea Michelle spiced challenges.

Date: Wednesday, October 30th
Episode Title: “Lea Michelle’s Halloween Bash”
Start Time: 10:00 p.m. ET
Watch: Bravo
Online Stream: Bravotv.com

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