5 Great Halloween TV Clips

With only a few hours left to celebrate Halloween 2013 many people will be looking for their TV to provide the fun and frights we regularly associate with the holiday. Some of the best moments on TV happen when our favorite characters are given a chance to step out of the box, and Halloween gives license for writers to take those chances.

Here is a list of five videos to help you get into the Halloween mood.

1. “Roseanne” Halloween Prank Medley

“Roseanne” was a master of the Halloween episode. Every year the show’s gags seemed to get more and more elaborate. This is a great medley of some great and scary moments in the Connor household.

2. “The Office” and The Joker

With the speed of today’s culture we can easily forget just how popular “The Dark Knight” and Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker was. Not only was the movie a worldwide hit that has influenced every super hero movie since, but also that year’s top costume. Every bar and party that year had a different nerd thinking he was the only one who connected to the Joker. On “The Office” we had dueling Jokers with Dwight, Creed, and Kevin, but I’m partial to Dwight’s version.

3. Friends Halloween Party

Chandler dressed as a giant pink bunny? Count me in!

4. Tim Curry in The Worst Witch

“The Worst Witch” was one of those made for TV movies that you either grew up watching every year, or never heard of. The plot is like an early “Harry Potter” draft with a school for witches. Wouldn’t you know it that Tim Curry is the wizard headmaster? His song “Anything Can Happen On Halloween” is nothing short of magical. The mix of his over the top performance, cheap special effects, and over-sized mouth make the song mandatory viewing.

5. Quantum Leap – Evil Al

Of course this is the one clip I really wanted, and this was the best YouTube could offer. The Halloween episode of “Quantum Leap” featured Dean Stockton playing the role of Good Al and Evil Al. As a young child the scene of the two Als facing off left me traumatized. Now it would just make me want to check out Stockton’s IMDb page to see what he’s been up to recently.

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