Matt Lauer Goes Baywatch Babe For Halloween

Check out the curves on that beautiful lady. Carmen Electra isn’t so bad either. That’s right the fun bunch at “Today” went all out again for Halloween, but this time with a classic television theme.

Al Roker was Mr T. from “The A-Team”, Carson Daly was John from “CHiPs”, Savannah and Natalie were Laverne and Shirley, Hoda and Kathie Lee were Wilma and Betty from “The Flintstones”, and Willie Geist was the David Hasselhoff to Matt Lauer’s Pamela Anderson. Next time you wonder why Matt gets paid so much money take a look at this picture. He’s worth every penny.

Also making appearances to beef up the looks were Eric Estrada and Carmen Electra who both donned their classic TV uniforms for the Halloween festivities. The entire segment was narrated and hosted by Lester Holt doing his best morning show version of Vincent Price. “Today” and “Good Morning America” spent all morning battling over which show had the best Halloween themed segments. Meanwhile “CBS This Morning” just covered the news. Not sure who exactly should be declared the winner in that one.

Here’s the complete “Today” Halloween celebration.

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