'Eastbound and Down' Recap: Chapter 27


This episode begins with Guy Young reviewing the footage from last week’s Sports Sesh. He doesn’t seem to understand how the audience can love Kenny so much when personally, he hates the guy. He calls the building’s custodian into the room to get his opinion on the matter, and after admitting that he too thinks Kenny is funny, Guy fires him.

In the next scene, Kenny and his family go to a birthday party for one of Stevie’s children. April expresses how unhappy she is, and Kenny tries to resolve the issue like he always does, by giving her his credit card. This clearly just makes things worse.

Back in his garage, Kenny tries to level with his son and find out why April is so upset, but he simply answers “I don’t know.” He’s a little kid, but Kenny still tries to have grown-up, inappropriate conversations with him. Their wolf, Dakota barks, and Kenny expresses his empathy saying that he too feels like a chained-up wild animal.

On the next episode of Sports Sesh, we see that Kenny has clearly made Guy Young’s shit list. First, Guy introduces a special guest athlete, Candy Cox who accuses Kenny of being gay. Kenny gets upset and heads to the men’s room during the commercial break. Guy makes sure Kenny’s microphone is on while he tries to motivate himself in the bathroom. When he walks back onto the set, everyone is laughing at him, and Guy reveals that his microphone was on.

Kenny visits Stevie at the mall and asks him to help with his Guy Young problem and then heads to April’s friend, Dixie’s house to ask her for help with his failing marriage.

Stevie comes up with a plan to hire a man he knows to deliver a message and a beating to Guy. He is clearly not too bright, but Kenny trusts that Stevie’s plan will work.

Kenny then confronts Guy out on the lake while they are both flying around on their water powered jet packs. Guy tells Kenny that he tried to help him by letting him cohost on his show, and instead of showing gratitude, Kenny challenged Guy’s place on the show. He explains that come Friday’s show, he is going to destroy Kenny.

Stevie’s plan fails epically. The man he hired stumbles through the message he’s supposed to deliver, and then when he tries to throw a punch, Guy beats the crap out of him. After seeing Stevie in his car, Guy gives chase while Stevie speeds off terrified.

Kenny then throws April a party with Dixie’s help to show how much he appreciates her, but April is unimpressed. Kenny then goes on a rant about how nothing he does is good enough for April, and that he’s not going to quit his television career just to make her happy. She begins crying and tells Kenny that she’s done and insists that Kenny leave. As he leaves, Kenny frees Dakota from his chains. This is clearly symbolic of Kenny releasing the animal within himself as well. As he drives away though, we see how much Kenny regrets his actions. He thinks about how much he loves his family, and how much he is going to miss them if he doesn’t fix things.

The next day before Sports Sesh, Kenny tries to have a heart to heart with Guy. He explains that his family life is in shambles, and asks Guy for a peaceful resolution to their feud. This is a side of Kenny we rarely see. Guy looks sympathetic at first, but then pulls a full 180. He tells Kenny that he is NOT his friend and never was. He says that Kenny never should have been on the show and that he is as stupid as the audience that tunes in every week. He tells Kenny that he loses, and follows this up by delivering Kenny’s catch phrase, “You’re fucking out.”

When Guy walks out on stage, he is immediately booed by the audience. It seems that Kenny isn’t as stupid as Guy thought. He made sure to have his microphone on for the whole conversation and the audience heard everything. Guy is humiliated and runs off stage.

In the last shot of the episode Kenny is once again victorious and says to himself, “I win.”

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