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'The Walking Dead' Recap: Indifference


This episode begins with Rick still reeling from Carol’s shocking confession. Daryl’s group still hasn’t made it back so Rick and Carol are going to make a run to a nearby town to see if they can find food as well as anything to aid the sick until Daryl gets back.

Before they leave, Carol goes to see Lizzie who had begun showing signs of the killer flu. Lizzie explains that if she dies, she’ll become a walker, and if she doesn’t, she’ll grow up and change. She explains that everyone changes. Carol doesn’t really understand, but Lizzie just wants her to know that she’s strong. That she is at peace with whatever happens. If she survives, she’ll adapt and continue to fight. Change is a major theme in this episode.

Back in Daryl’s group, Tyreese has clearly lost hope. After losing the car, they lost a whole day and he doesn’t think any of the sick people back at the prison are going to survive.

On the road, Carol tries to explain to Rick why she killed Karen and David. She tells him that she just wanted to protect everyone who hadn’t been infected yet and that someone had to step up and make the hard decision. They arrive at a nearby neighborhood and begin looking for supplies.

Daryl’s group reaches a gas station where they find a car, but the battery is dead. They begin hacking away at some overgrown plants which block the entrance to the station to see if they can find a new battery. Tyreese gets a little overzealous and accidently cuts open the door prematurely releasing several walkers on the group. One of the walkers grabs Tyreese, but he doesn’t kill it. Instead, it looks like he’s going to let IT kill him, but Bob puts a round in its head just in time.

Carol and Rick find a house with two survivors, Sam and Ana. They explain that they locked themselves in the bathroom after discovering a walker in the house. Sam has a dislocated shoulder which Carol helps pop back in. Despite her murderous confession, Rick sees that Carol has some very useful skills. She is a definitely a valuable asset to the group.

Ana explains that they’ve been separated from their group and want to know if Rick will allow them to return to the prison. Rick begins asking his three questions which he now uses to determine if someone is safe enough to allow at the prison.

Daryl and Bob enter the gas station and find a new battery. Outside, Michonne and Tyreese talk about how he is giving up due to his anger and lack of hope. He gets defensive and asks, “Aren’t you still angry at the governor for what he did?” Michonne explains that she has let go of HER anger and doesn’t really know why she continues her search for the governor. Daryl and Bob head back outside with the new battery.

Back at the house, Sam and Ana pass Rick’s test and so he is going to let them join his group at the prison, but first they have to sweep the neighborhood for supplies. Rick doesn’t want the two new survivors to help out since they are both injured, but finally he allows it since they’ll be able to cover more ground that way.

At the gas station, Daryl hooks up the new battery while he asks Bob about his past. Bob explains that he had been a part of two previous groups who all died leaving him as the sole survivor. He tells Daryl he has a drinking problem and thinks that it’s his fault Zach got killed. Daryl tries to make him feel better telling him nobody could have known the walkers were going to attack and that he’s not alone anymore. The four survivors start up the new car and get back on the road.

Rick and Carol continue to look for supplies while they talk about her decision to kill Karen and David. Rick asks “What do you want me to say?” She explains that she needs him to come to grips with what she did and face reality; he doesn’t have to like with what she did, but he at least has to understand why. She thinks that Rick has been running from his problems instead of dealing with them.

Daryl’s group finally reaches the veterinary college where they are supposed to find medical supplies for the sick people back at the prison. They begin looking for supplies.

Rick asks Carol how she learned to fix a dislocated shoulder. She explains that she had to learn to fix herself up after being in an abusive relationship for so many years. They have a nice conversation about how Carol has let go of the memory of her family. Rick on the other hand still thinks about his wife every day and will never let go. As they head back to rendezvous with Sam, they find Ana’s dead body and two walkers making a feast out of her.

Daryl’s group finally has everything they need and they head for the exit, but on their way they are ambushed by two groups of walkers one of which is infected with the deadly flu. They cut their way through the other group and head up the stairs to the second floor.

Back at the rendezvous, Rick wants to wait for Sam, but Carol insists that they have to leave.

Daryl’s group breaks through a window and they hop out onto an overhang. Bob almost loses his pack, to a group of walkers below them, but fights to keep it. He finally pulls the bag back up, and Darly opens it up. Instead of meds for the sick, he finds a bottle of liquor and is extremely angry that Bob has now put their lives at risk twice due to his drinking problem.

In the last scene of this week’s episode, Rick and Carol reach their car. When Carol tries to open the passenger door she realizes that Rick locked it. He explains that if he allows her to return to the prison, Tyreese is going to want to kill her, and that even if Tyreese doesn’t make it back, Rick wouldn’t feel safe having Carol around his children after what she’s done. He gives her keys to their car and she drives off without much argument. She understands the consequences of her actions and now must survive on her own.

Rick heads back to the prison in another car. He looks at himself through the rear view mirror wondering if he made the right choice.

Tune in to AMC next Sunday at 9PM to see if Daryl’s group makes it back in time to save the sick and to see how everyone reacts to Rick’s decision to excommunicate Carol.

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