'Homeland' Recap: Carrie's 'Still Positive'


To say that ‘Homeland’ was slow out of the blocks this season would be putting it mildly. The show lumbered through the first chunk of episodes with Dana and Carrie acting out, little to no Brody, and without real direction. All of that changed when the show revealed Carrie and Saul are actually playing a long game to punish the mastermind of the Langley bombing. They wanted to make Carrie look like a flippable asset, and they dangled her in front of Iran. Iran took the bait through an American law firm, and now Carrie is being whisked away to meet Javadi, the Iranian Intelligence Officer responsible for the attack.

The episode, titled “Still Positive”, kicked off with Carrie being polygraphed by Javadi. Carrie acted shaken by the situation, and attempted to lie her way through the questions. She then convinced Javadi that they had to speak alone because she didn’t trust the other men in the room. Javadi clears the room to continue the interview, and that is when Carrie flips the script on him. She reveals that the CIA knows about the millions of dollars he has embezzled from the Iranian government. He can either take a meeting with Saul and become a CIA asset or they will reveal the stolen money thus ending his life. They agree to meet at a coffee shop later in the day to cement the deal.

After the meeting Carrie goes home to get some rest. Before resting she heads to the bathroom to freshen up. She sits on the toilet and reaches into the cabinet next to her for something wrapped in plastic. Being a guy I assumed it was a tampon because that’s the depth of my women’s bathroom knowledge, but the wrapper said “Clear Blue”. That’s I knew was pregnancy test company. She takes the test, and it spits out a positive result. Our little analyst is pregnant. She opens the top drawer to throw the test inside, which reveals dozens of previously taken positive tests.

I at first was thinking “that one night stand guy” is the father. Then I went into “Maury Show” mode and realized the number of tests mean this was from a past relationship. Are we to assume that Carrie is pregnant with Brody’s child? Is this the future for the show with Carrie living in Brody’s rundown tower fighting off drug lords? How much therapy is this friggin kid going to need?

The show didn’t give us time to think that over because Saul was telling a story. Saul had worked with Javadi during the time of the Iranian Revolution. He tried to get four agents safely out of the country, but Javadi turned them over to the new regime to garner favor. Saul paid Javadi back by helping to smuggle his wife and child to the United States. The big picture is that this Javadi plan has more motives than just Langley. Part of this is a final one up from Saul.

I guess we have to talk about Dana. She’s still really emotional and stuff. So emotional that she demands to change her last name from Brody to Mom’s maiden name. She goes through the change, and its like real emotional. Then Dana shocks Mom and Brother by moving out without telling them first. That is so Dana. Surprise Mom and Brother, my needs are more important than the family, so peace I’m out. Let’s hope that Dana is gone for good now, but she’s going to fly off the handle if the Brody/Carrie baby happens.

Back at the CIA safe house Saul and the team are tracking Javadi with a drone. The nonchalant use of the drone is “Homeland” signalling to the viewer how prevalent their use already is at home. Carrie and Quinn are waiting at the coffee place for Javadi to arrive. He leaves for the meeting on time, but changes direction at the last moment. He’s headed towards a house in the suburbs where his family now lives. Saul directs Carrie and Quinn to cut off Javadi from entering the home. Before they arrive though Javadi kills his daughter in law and wife, both in brutal fashion.

Carrie and Quinn arrive right in time to see the full scope of carnage, and the baby now crying in the middle of the room. Saul orders them to leave the house with Javadi immediately. The crying baby can’t be helped. Javadi arrives at the CIA safe house covered in blood, but with one up on Saul. Saul wonders why his wife was at the house when she was supposed to be in witness protection. As the episode ends the real interrogation of Javadi is about to begin, and local cops are swarming the murder scene before the CIA can arrive.

The Javadi plot line was a nail bitter, and we finally got rid of Dana but who cares. Carrie’s pregnant with what is probably Brody’s baby. Let’s book them on “Maury” now. Brody can sit off stage while Carrie tells her side of the story. When she says Brody fled to Canada the audience can boo him lustily. Then Brody’s video package before he comes on stage where he calls Carrie a “crazy bitch”. Let Maury reveal the truth, and find out if Brody is going to take care of his kid.


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