'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D' Recap: 'F.Z.Z.T.'

Agents of Shield

After taking the week off ABC’s “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” returned last night with an all new episode titled “F.Z.Z.T”. The action kicked off at a boy scouts campfire. As we know that is where all of the really crazy stuff goes down. Everything seems to be fine as the boys listen to scary stories and get ready to make smores. Then one of the troupe leaders starts complaining about hearing a humming noise, and off he goes into the dark forest to investigate.

Now I was never a boy scout, but running off alone without a flashlight into the middle of a dark forest doesn’t seem to be merit badge material. Even though he is violating every major rule in the boy scout handbook, the guy went off looking for the mysterious noise. Just after he leaves the scouts hear the man screaming in the distance. The other scout leader hurries the boys into a truck as lightening strikes the area and the car battery is ripped out of the hood.

Something this crazy can only mean a call to the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. They arrive to find the troupe leader floating, and charged with some sort of electricity. During the examination of the body Agent Simmons leans over the body and exchanges a shock with the man. The body falls back to earth, but now they can track the surges of power.

They track the power eventually to a firehouse. These first responders had been at the Battle of New York depicted in “The Avengers”. It turns out that they had kept a Chitauri helmet as a souvenir. The Chitauri were the alien race that looked like giant melting candles that tried to invade Earth. Long story short these firefighters tried to clean the helmet, but unknowingly unleashed a Chitauri virus that Agent Simmons caught when the troupe leader’s body shocked her. Everyone who had the virus dies when power surged out of their brains.

The episode then became a race to find a anti-virus to save Agent Simmons life. Now this could have been an interesting plot line, but there is no chance ABC is killing a main character of an 8pm show without it being a season finale. This is especially true when the character in question is a cute innocent girl. The show tried to give us more background to the Agent Fitz and Simmons relationship as they worked together to find a solution, but Simmons wasn’t ever going anywhere.

When Agent Simmons becomes convinced that there is no hope of a serum being found, she decides to jump out of the plane. Of course she jumps right when Fitz realizes their latest anti-virus actually worked. And these are the best scientists for the job? Agent Ward jumps out of the plane with a parachute and the serum. After working his way through rough special effects, Ward grabs her, and both land safely.

Meanwhile, Agent Coulson is being run through a series of health tests. He tells May that the tests were ordered by his physical therapist to check on his recovery. Coulson later reveals to May that he himself ordered the tests. He hasn’t been feeling himself since his near death experience, and wants to know why. The writers once again spoon out another bit of the Coulson death mystery. Expect it to be resolved by the season one finale.

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